Property Ineligible for 1031 Exchange

Posted by Andy Gustafson on Wed, Apr 27, 2011

Property eligible for 1031 exchanges have many similar characteristics. The real and personal property are either held for use in a business or for an investment. The more the property is used personally, like a vacation property, the less the likelihood the Internal Revenue Service would grant the tax deferral.

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Tags: Water Rights, 1031 exchange, like-kind exchange

Is Water Like A Mineral, Oil or Gas in a 1031 Exchange?

Posted by Andy Gustafson on Mon, Mar 21, 2011

It depends. In the 1031 exchange world, water, oil, gas, minerals, timber are packaged into salable interests based upon the demand seeking to acquire it. Those interests are leases, deeds, bill of sale, royalties, production payments and rights of ownership. What makes one eligible for 1031 tax deferral treatment? What qualities does the interest require to be like-kind to real property?

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Tags: gas and mineral interests, Water Rights, 1031 exchange

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