1031 Exchange Properties in Pensacola, Florida

1031 Exchange Properties Pensacola FloridaThe Pensacola beaches and US Naval base provide a stable environment for appreciating real estate values. Real estate investors know when selling that a 1031 exchange can provide an “interest free loan” given adherence to 1031 exchange rules and acquiring replacement property within 180 calendar days. 1031 exchanges are not tax free, though they can be part of an estate plan to step-up the basis to the beneficiary making them potentially tax free.

The Certified Exchange Specialist on staff provides qualified intermediary services for professional advisers of individuals and businesses in Pensacola since 2003. Atlas 1031 assists accounting and title professionals with FIRPTA requirements. Whenever a nonresident alien or foreign company sells US real estate, FIRPTA requirements must be followed.

Pensacola, Florida 1031 Exchange Properties

1031 exchange properties are real property held for use in a business or for investment. Intent and facts support the intent to qualify the property for a 1031 exchange. A partial list of 1031 exchange properties follows:

Each 1031 exchange is managed carefully, providing 1031 exchange documentation, depositing the exchange proceeds into non commingled, interest bearing FDIC insured accounts.The Exchangor has the option to secure the funds with a personal identification number known only by the Exchangor and the bank or a Qualified Escrow Account requiring the dual signatures to authorize disbursement.

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