President and Founder - Andy Gustafson, CES®


Andy Gustafson is a managing member of Atlas 1031 Exchange, LLC, a worldwide accommodator of Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. He founded the company in 2007 and has spoken to hundreds of investors at Wealth Camps, Real Estate Investment Clubs nationwide and National Association of Realtor GRI-3 classes. As an approved continuing educational provider, he has helped hundreds of Realtors, Attorneys, and CPAs understand the application of the 1031 code. To date he has accommodated over 1,300 simple and complex, real property 1031 exchanges.

In 2006, Mr. Gustafson qualified and received the professional designation of Certified Exchange Specialist® (CES®) created by the Federation of Exchange Accommodators to set a standard of 1031 accommodator ethics and excellence. The CES® recognizes his expertise and commitment to providing clients with prudent investment standards and procedures ensuring security and compliance with IRS 1031 regulations. He works with owners of highly appreciated and depreciated assets deferring capital gains through 1031 exchanges.

In 2003, Mr. Gustafson co-founded Old South 1031 Exchange Services, LLC located in Destin, Florida and in 2007 established Atlas 1031 Exchange, LLC. As President and Managing Member, he has accommodated over 1,250 forward and reverse exchanges of real and personal property in the US, India, Israel, England, Australia, New Zealand and Belize.

A native of West Lafayette, Indiana, Mr. Gustafson graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1978. For 13 years prior to entering the 1031 exchange industry, he worked in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) manufacturing software market helping companies in North, Central and South America improve production efficiencies.

The experienced Atlas 1031 team assembled to facilitate 1031 exchanges includes: 

  • Certified Exchange Specialist® following prudent investment standards, Code of Ethics, and knowledge of current 1031 Internal Revenue Service Revenue Procedures;

  • Banking Service Providers providing Qualified Escrow Accounts, FDIC security and 24 hour transparency;

  • Advisory Board comprised of CPAs, Attorneys and Title Companies.

Manager - Tom Gustafson

Tom graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. His work experience includes technology sales with Apple, business development for an interactive marketing agency and most recently Vice President of Operations at Rifle Paper Company, a consumer goods and services company in Winter Park, Florida. In addition to his role as a Qualified Intermediary with Atlas 1031, he is also a Notary Public in the state of Florida and sits on the board for Live Trends Design

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