1031 Exchange Referral Source How To Guide

Nearly fifty percent of our exchanges orginate from lawyers, realtors, CPAs and title professionals. These referrals reflect their experience and confidence with the expertise of Atlas 1031 Exchange.

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  • Attorneys providing estate, trust, merger and acquisition and real closing services refer clients seeking qualified intermediary 1031 exchange services.  
  • CPAs contacted by their clients prior to selling will determine the recognized gain or capital gains tax due and refer their clients to qualified intermediaries when an exchange makes sense.
  • Realtors listing properties for sale that ask two questions will know whether their client should talk with their CPA or qualified intermediary about a 1031 exchange or Deferred Sales Trust.
  • Title and Escrow Officers preparing for a closing recognize the possibility of a 1031 exchange and refer clients to discuss their transaction and potential 1031 exchange.

Referral Partner Benefits

Atlas 1031 Exchange's guiding principle is to provide a one stop, secure, thorough 1031 resource we would want to engage to accommodate our personal 1031 exchange and trust with our exchange funds. We realize we need to offer more to our referral partners.

1. Referrals. When asked for someone with your discipline, you will be referred along with a confirming email letting you know your contact information has been given. 4. Testimonial opportunities highlighting your discipline and referred client success story. Your name and company will receive SEO optimization credit.
2. Allow us to help you with posting properties for sale on the Atlas 1031 web site. Simply provide us with the MLS listing data and picture. A draft will be forwarded for approval prior to posting. 5. Peace of mind knowing you have referred your client to a consciously competent professional whose revenue is enhanced when you return with another referral.
3. A link to your name and web site will be added to our growing list of Professional Links under your discipline. 6. Engaging Atlas 1031 helps you better serve the needs of our mutual clients allowing you to focus on what you do best.